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Dear Parents of Our Current Student(s)


Thank you for entrusting Immaculate Conception School with your child's education. We are honored to have your child as part of our student body. As the registration period for the 2017-2018 school year approaches, I wanted to share with you our new Tuition and Fee schedule.


We have simplified our Tuition and Fee structure to make it easier for parents to understand.



- Pre-K Rate: 5 Full Days   $8,950
- Pre-K Rate: 5 Half Days   $5,850



Potential Reductions - Per Student    
- Family Grant (for families with 2 or more K-8 Students)   ($1,395)
- Parishioner Grant   ($2,300)



2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR: School Fees
FEES - per Family    
Smart Tuition Administrative Fee   $ 40
Fundraising Fee   $ 250
FEES - per Student    
General Fee   $ 400
8th Grade Graduation   $ 200
Returning Student Registration Fee (Through February 28, 2017)   $ 100


NOTES: The Tuition amount show above does not include financial assistance or scholarships you may receiving which will further reduce your Tuition expense. Families registering a new Kindergarten student must submit and Admission Application, regardless of whether their child is new to the school or has attended as a Pre-K or UPK Student.


I can assure you that our school, along with all the other schools in the Archdiocese of New York, are committed to providing continued high academic standards, access and affordability. Please feel free to contact me or the school office if you have any questions.


Sincerely yours,


Ms. Maureen Harten




2017-2018 SCHOOL FEES


** Mandatory Fundraising - for information please refer to Parent/Student Handbook online -------


*** In-Parish Tuition Rate: To be considered for the parishioner rate a family must be Catholic and a registered contributing member of any Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of NY. Families will be asked to submit proof of this registration. Registered parishioners are expected to attend Mass regularly and contribute through the use of weekly envelopes/or Parish Pay Program to their parish according to their means.


**** Non-Parish Tuition Rate: All non-Catholic families and Catholic families who choose not to register in a Catholic parish of ADNY will be assigned the Non-Parishioner rate (Please note: non-Catholic families cannot register in a Catholic parish)


***** Tuition will be collected on a 10-month pavement plan, starting with July and ending in April*****

*****In addition to Tuition the following fees will be collected through Smart Tuition:*****



General Fee $400 per student May 15th
Smart Tuition Fee $ 40,00 July
Technology Fee $ 25,00 August
Mandatory Fundraising Fee $350,00 $35/Monthly
Planner & Folder (Grades 1-5) $ 10,00* September
Jr. High Bag & Planner $ 20,00* September
Graduation Fee $200 $20/Monthly
Class Trips TBD According to Trip TBD according to date of trip
  1. Daily $ 4,00/day Billed Monthly as used
  2. Partial Plan (72 Lunches) $ 280,00/year Unused Lunch does not carry over to the following year
  3. Full Plan (Approx. 147 Lunches) $ 560,00/year
Before Care    
  $ 6,00 per day Monthly
After Care
  Full Month Plan - 1 Child $ 400/ month including half days September - June
  Full Month Plan - Family Rate $ 550/month including half days September - June
  15 Day Pre-Paid in advance & renewable as needed ( Non-refundable)    
1 Child
One Time Charge
Family Rate
$ 575
One Time Charge
  (early dismissal days will be charged as 2 pre-paid days.)    
  Daily Payment Plan (no discount)    
1 Child
$30 daily + extra charge of $ 30 on 1/2 days Charged monthly as used
Family Rate
$50 daily + extra charge of $ 50 on 1/2 days Charged monthly as used
  NOTE: 4:30 plan available upon request    
* Please note prices may vary .



Monthly charges through Smart Tuition for Lunch, Before and After Care will be posted to your account approximately 2 months after services are rendered.


The school's expectation at the time of registration is that all tuition and fees will be paid on time.

Failure to do so serves to rupture the contract that the school makes with the Parent/Guardian and this could result in the suspension of a child for delinquent tuition or fees and.or non re-registration for the following school year.