Tuition & Fees



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Dear Parents of Our Current Student(s)


Each year, we offer Financial Assistance to help make Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York more affordable. The average Financial Assistance award to qualifying families in 2017-18 was $2,007.


Cada año, ofrecemos ayuda financiera para ayudar a que las escuelas catolicas de la Arquidiocesis de Nueva York sean mas accesibles. El promedio de asistencia financiera otorgado a familias que califican el año 2017-18 fue de $2,007.


The 2018-19 Tuition and Fees are:

La colegiatura y cargos adicionales del 2018-19 son:


For Each Student (Por Cada Estudiante)
Pre-Kindergarten 5 Full Days $8,500
Pre-Kindergarten - 5 Half Days $6,000
Kindergarten to 8 $7,900
Family Grant Tuition Reduction: $1,400(1)
Fees (Cargos Adicionales):
Student Registration Fee (Inscripción) $ 100(2)
8'" Grade Graduation Fee $ 200
Family Fundraising Fee $ 350
Smart Tuition Family Fee $ 40


Tuition is billed over 10 months from July to April through Smart Tuition. La colegiatura es facturada sobre 10 meses desde julio a abril por la Smart Tuition.




(1) Family Grant: Families who have two or more students enrolled full time at this school in 2018-19 receive a tuition reduction for each student. Descuento para familias con varios ninos: familias con dos o más ninos matriculados a tiempo completo en esta escuela en el año 2018-19 reciben un descuento en la colegiatura de cada niño.


(2) Registration Fees are required for each student and if paid after March 31, 2018 will be $75 higher. La inscripción es requerida para cada niño y si lo pagan despues del 31 de Marzo del 2018 tendran un costo adicional de $75.



Registration Fee $100/Student Paid through TADS by 3/31/18
  $175/Student After March 31, 2018
Smart Tuition Fee $ 40 July
Mandatory Fundraising Fee $350 $35/monthly
Graduation Fee (8'" Grade Only) $200 $20/monthly
Chrome Book 5th - 8th TBD Students will be required to Purchase a school issued Chromebook - more details will follow
    TBD-According to date of Trip
Class Trips TBD - According to Trip  
Lunch With Lou
Phone #: 914-899-3226
Before Care $6/Day per family As used
After Care    

Full Month Plan - one child

$4,000/year - Split into 7 Months October - April
Full Month Plan - Family Rate $5,550/year - Split into 7 Months October - April

15 Days Pre-Paid in advance &
renewable as needed (non refundable)


1 Child $425 One Time Charge
Family Rate $575 One Time Charge
(early dismissal days will be charged
as 2 pre-paid days.
Daily Payment Plan (no discount)
$30 daily + extra charge of $30 on 1/2, days Charged monthly as used
1 Child $50 daily + extra charge of $50 on 1/2 days Charged monthly as used
Family Rate    
4:30 plan available upon request


*** Mandatory Fundraising - for information, please refer to Parent/ Student Handbook online: ***

Tuition will be collected on a 10-month payment plan, starting with July and ending in April.



Monthly charges through Smart Tuition for Before and After Care will be posted to your account approximately 2 months after services are rendered.


The school's expectation at the time of registration is that all tuition and fees will be paid on time. Failure to do so serves to rupture the contract that the school makes with the Parent/Guardian which could result in the suspension of a child for delinquent tuition or fees and/or non re-registration for the following school year.