Be a part of the ICS Father's Club

Hello Dad's and Families,

What is the ICS Father's Club?

Is a social, and fundraising group comprised of ICS dads. By default every father can consider themselves a member of the Fathers Club, there is no formal membership.

However, we like to say you get out of it what you put into it. Which translates into us always looking for new members with fresh ideas and the ability to assist wherever they can. This would generally consist of people who can volunteer their time or coming up with new ideas to raise funds for the ICS community.

In the upcoming school year we are planning on meeting on a monthly basis with our first meeting on Wednesday, October 18th at 7:30PM in the lower church.


Our Bloomz code is: Y27JPN, please feel free to join and stay connected with our group.


Our main events consist of:


ICS Carnival: This is our main fundraising endeavor, spanning four days the first weekend in June. We set up a Fathers Club Tent and sell hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, water, pretzels, knishes, and ice cream. this is a great time for all involved and provides a terrific opportunity to socialize and catch up with old and new friends.


Youth Nights: We assist Mr. Cozza in running a fun, social evening for our Middle School students. Provide refreshments and operate the cafeteria concessions. There are approximately 3-4 of these per school year.


Christmas Tree Lighting: Set up a Christmas tree on the grounds of ICS, coordinate with the school choir to have Christmas carols sung and the provide refreshments in the school cafeteria.


Scholarships for 8th grade graduates: Raise funds and provide scholarship monies to two deserving 8th grade graduates.


Tree planting for 8th grade: Obtain and plant a tree which lines the walkway along path to the Little House done during graduation week at end of school year.


Please reach out via Bloomz to Father's Club contacts with any questions:


Dennis Gallego

Anthony Cacciola

Mike Marinello


Thank you. We are looking forward to a great year.


Here is a quick link to invite your favorite Dad/Spouse to Bloomz so that he can join the ICS Father's Club and take part in this important community within our school: